How to Properly Bury a Dog

A dog is part of the family and therefore when one of them passes on, it is truly heartbreaking. So, it all boils down to the finality that once you have to go, then making sure you will give them proper send off is crucial. All in all, it is equally important to bury your dog with due respect to ensure that they are accorded due dignity.

Choosing the Right Spot

Choose a site that is not noisy/ busy; it could be in your garden or in a designated area for burials for pets. Make sure that it responds to corresponding state regulations concerning the burial of pets. The spot must be at a safe distance from utility or close to a well and several feet above the shallow water table.

Preparing for the Burial

Gather necessary supplies: an honored shovel, a blanket or towel and a biodegradable casket/container. It can be a modest wooden coffin or even a basket to underscore that it is a casket .

Time to Dig

Select an area scooping a hole where the dog should lay preferably 3-4 feet deep depending on size of the dog. This depth ensures that other animals cannot unearth the grave thereby disturbing the remains of the dead. Remove the dug soil to a tarp placed nearby the pit.

Wrap Your Dog Comfortably

If your dog is small then you can wrap it in a soft blanket or a towel. This step also prevents their being treated as mere objects during the burial process of the corpses. It also assists in being able to slowly transfer them into it or even placing their body directly on the casket or grave.

Placing in the Casket

In the case of using a casket, then it is important to carry your dog with a lot of care and gentleness. Others put personal attributes like toys or a letter to be given to the deceased pet. Close the casket securely.

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Saying Goodbye

Allow that last parting moment which may have an inspiring connotation to it. Spend 5 minutes more and tell your partner I love you or Thank you, you are special to me. It is important that there is a sense of closure, especially when it comes to paying tribute to the life of your furry companion.

Lowering into the Grave

If you are using a casket, it is placed attentively into the prepared hole. Otherwise, spread the shroud and gently put your dog into the grave as you have described. No one is going to hurry you up; you can comfortably sit and compose yourself in this time.

Covering the Grave

Gently pour the tried and tested soil into the grave to cover the contents completely. Take breaks if needed. This process can take a twist, so make sure you are able to accept the process to grieve at this stage.

Marking the Grave

It might be helpful to place flowers or an epitaph on top of the grave. This step is a way of making sure one can always locate his/her dog’s remains every time it is needed. This is a move that I believe was done out of respect for their memories and as an appreciation of the efforts they put in.


Burial and funeral service are usually stressful times for families hence ensure you take adequate care of yourself. This is a normal occurrence and people should not be ashamed for feeling the way they do when a close person dies. Make sure to have people with whom you can be around, who will not judge you for feeling sad, for missing her.

Legal Considerations

It can be unlawful in different areas to bury a pet without following a particular procedure or consultation with the relevant authorities. Some districts and geographical regions may have restrictions on the depth, position and kind of casket that is acceptable.

Beloved Dog

Remembering Your Dog

Devotion: Spread joy and create a tribute for your beloved dog. Another way to remember them is by using scrapbooking, planting a tree, or giving to an animal cause in their names. The remaining thing makes up need far better or doing something positive helps in coping with the loss.

Caring For Yourself And Other Pets

Animals that you possess may also be mourning if you have other pets at home, especially if they were close to your ‘body. ’ Be considerate and offer them the special care and affection that they require at this stage. Perhaps, it will help them to explain what has happened, if they accompany the burial process.

If the feelings are extreme, then professional help from a therapist or local pet loss support groups should be sought. Don’t feel shameful when you are having difficulty handling the situation associated with the loss of a friend.

He wrote: ‘‘The pain will end one day but the memories to our dogs will always remain. ” It is advised to keep the fond memories of the moments that you spent with her or him in mind because burying them is the ultimate way of honoring them.

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The passing of a dog is something that people really feel sad about and the burial process is a very personal one. Therefore, by doing the steps above carefully and with respect to the companion, the companion is given a good death that they deserve. Where there is comfort in knowing that all possible efforts have been given to give a proper goodbye to the dog based on love and respect.

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