Beagle Coonhound Mix: Everything You Need To Know

The beauty of a beagle coonhound will stun you. His stubbornness is not something he will hide too. That’s the strong personality of a beagle coonhound mix. 

Bred from a beagle and a coonhound, the hybrid dog is an excellent companion that’s also highly active. While his intelligence is not advanced as other smartest dogs, he’s still easily teachable and loving. 

If you want to find out whether the breed is a great choice, read on to learn everything about the beagle-coonhound mix. 

What’s A Beagle Coonhound Mix?

Beagle Coonhound mix dog
Beagle Coonhound mix dog

A beagle Coonhound mix is a crossbreed between a beagle and any type of coonhound. Usually, a Treeing Walker coonhound is used for most breeding of this hybrid. 

A beagle is a short dog with large, long drooping ears. Being a playful dog, it’s popular in America as most people love keeping it as a family pet. 

Coonhounds, on the other hand, are lean and taller athletic dogs. They will settle for nothing less than the prey they were chasing. 

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Let’s compare the characteristics of the two dogs in the table below. 

Breed Traits/Characteristic BeagleCoonhound
HeightVaried: Under 13 inches,            13-15 inches,-24-26 inches male
-23-25 inches female
Weight-Under 20 pounds for under 13 inches
-20-30 pounds for 13-15 inches,
45-65 pounds
CoatSmooth, short coatSmooth coat
Life Expectancy10-15 years11-12 years
ColorVaried: Black and tan, black red and white, black tan and white, black white and tan, black tan and blue tick, and more. Black, black and tan, blue, Red and white, white and tan, red, tri-colored.
Personality & temperament.-Easily teachable 
-High energy and active 
-It Barks a lot 
-It is a self-willed, easily trained dog.
-High energy levels
-Barks a lot 
-A bit workaholic
-Very active
Family life-Lovable and loving to family members
-Very friendly with young children
-Very good with other dogs
-Affectionate with family members, including children
-Very good at interacting with other dogs 
Social -Friendly even to strangers 
-Very playful 
-Not really protective 
-Excellent adaptability
-Pretty happy with strangers
-Good at playing 
-Quite vigilant 
-Highly adaptable 
Physical-Shedding is minimal
-No doggy odor or drooling
-Little fur shedding
-Coat grooming can happen monthly
-Less likely to drool
          Overall A great, highly adaptable dog with a love for family. -A standard dog breed with excellent traits
Beagle and Coonhound dog characteristics

Characteristics of A Beagle Coonhound Mix 

A beagle coonhound dog combines the traits of the two breeds to produce a high-quality breed with the following features: 


As seen earlier, beagles are small in stature. In contrast, coonhound breeds are lean and taller, reaching up to 26 inches (0.66 meters). 

The Beagle Coonhound mix breed has an average height range of 15-25 inches (0.38-0.64 meters) standing at the shoulder. So, you can get anything resembling a beagle or coonhound height. The weight of this dog ranges from 25-60 pounds (11.34-27.22). 

The weight range varies because a beagle can be bred with variations of the coonhound breed. There are six different coonhound types:

  1. Black and tan coonhound 
  2. Bluetick coonhound 
  3. Redtick coonhound 
  4. Plott hound 
  5. Black and tan coonhound 
  6. Treeing walker coonhound 

Of these variations, the Treeing Walker coonhound is the most popular as it closely resembles beagles. This means the size of the mix depends on which coonhound was used for breeding. 

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Personality and Temperament 

When choosing a family pet, its personality and temperament are important considerations. Generally, the beagle-coonhound mix breed is a gentle, friendly, fun-loving canine

Its cordial relationship doesn’t stop with family members and children. It will still remain calm and friendly even when friends come to visit. 

Since it’s so affectionate and friendly to humans, the dog tends to seek closeness with people–you’ll notice the dog come to stay close to you most of the time. 

In addition, the beagle-coonhound mix is not easily agitated unless you provoke him beyond control. He takes time to react, but when he does, he barks considerably. 

Being a strong-willed breed, the dog can sense scent and track it for hours. Hence, they are excellent hunters. 

Another indispensable quality of this breed is that it’s highly adaptive to new environments and new people. This explains why it’s both a family pet and a hunter. 

Lifespan and Health 

The average lifespan of a beagle coonhound is 10-15 years. This is a long time for a lovely pet like this one. 

The lifespan is, however, a function of proper care and management. You want to keep your dog healthy and bouncing all the time. 

Make sure you feed him a balanced diet for complete nutrition. By doing this, you increase the lifespan of the dog. A poor diet leads to more health complications and reduced lifespan. 

Since it’s a crossbreed from two different parents, the beagle coonhound may be resistant or tolerant to some common diseases. However, it can also inherit diseases from its parents. This is an important consideration when buying a beagle coonhound puppy. 

Coat Type

The beagle-coonhound has a smooth, thick, and glossy coat. The coat can take a variety of color patterns. 

The black and tan coat is the most prominent. Other variations include a white base with tan, and brown or black markings. The coat type will generally depend on the parents’ coat colors.  

One advantage of this dog is that its coat doesn’t shed much. Too much shedding means your dog needs plenty of grooming, and you’ll be up for thorough rug cleaning. 

How to Care for the Beagle-Coonhound Mix

Beagle Coonhound mix dog
Beagle Coonhound mix dog

To increase the lifespan of your beagle-coonhound dog, make sure you provide top care for it. Here are some care tips for a beagle coonhound mix dog: 

1. Maintain Exercise

If you’re taking on this breed, you must understand that it’s a highly active dog. It requires tons of daily exercise to remain natural. 

Keep in mind that the parents of the beagle coonhound are lively. They are instinctive hunters that will take many hours of stalking game. 

To ensure the pent-up energy is released, devise an exercise schedule for your dog. You could go for runs or walks on the road or country-side tracks. 

Excessive energy is dangerous. Your animal could develop hyperactive behavior, much to the detriment of your safety and the entire family.

Have you seen a dog chasing other pets aggressively in the backyard? That’s a sign of pent-up energy on display

You can supplement runs or jogs with dog puzzles, game hunting, scent tracking, hide and seek, and others.

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2. Train Your Dog Regularly

Training this dog is pretty straightforward. It responds readily to instructions from its owner. Of course, you want to start training as early as you receive the young pups. 

With a structured training program, make sure you make the training sessions fun. Introduce different things that are new to avoid the dog getting bored. 

When your pooch finishes a certain task, it’s vital to praise him. This will pump him up to do better and continue the other sessions. Praising your canine friend is as easy as saying, “Good girl, keep it up.” 

The beagle coonhound is sometimes easily distracted. Therefore, it can be quite stubborn to handle during the initial stages. However, you can overcome this through simple practices such as:

  • Petting the dog
  • Spending more time with the dog
  • Showing love and care by buying it some dog treats 

3. Provide A Balanced Diet

Your dog needs high-quality food provided in balanced proportions. The food you give the dog should meet its nutritional needs

When you meet your dog’s nutritional needs, chances of disease and infections are significantly reduced. That’s why today, many studies are focusing on dog food and nutrition. 

When you buy dog food, ensure it contains nutrients such as;

  • Amino acids (proteins),  
  • Fatty acids, 
  • Carbohydrates, 
  • Vitamins, and 
  • Minerals. 

Don’t forget the role of clean water for your canine friend. 

Do you know that a dog can sense a meal without amino acids? And it will ignore such a meal if it wants to. Proteins, like beef and chicken meat, are vital for growth. They must feature in the dog’s diet even though you must control the amounts. 

Another part of your dog’s food is fats and fatty acids. Have foods like salmon in the diet, especially for the omega-3 fatty acids, which help in vision and learning ability. 

Give your puppies energy-rich food to sustain their daily activities. When feeding pups, ensure sufficient food is provided in multiple turns that are well-paced. 

Carbohydrates are the main energy foods for dogs. However, proteins and fatty acids also reserve energy. Equally important are vitamins and minerals, which should come in the correct quantities daily. 

As a rule of thumb, you should feed your dog one to two times a day with sufficient meals.

4. Provide Regular Cleaning and Grooming

The Beagle Coonhound has a smooth, short coat. This coat type doesn’t shed much on the floor to cause a mess. 

To groom your beagle-coonhound mix, brush him regularly, like twice every week. This helps with removing the extra loose hair on the coat. 

In addition, make sure to check his large and long ears for infections such as mites. Clean the ears well to prevent such infestations. Trim the nails as well. 

Even though Beagle Coonhound is an odorless dog, you want to wash or bathe him at least twice a month. His dental hygiene should not deteriorate – brushing his teeth daily is recommended. 

When brushing, experts advise the downward motion for dogs. This is a simple practice, but it’s the best method to prevent periodontal disease. 

Just remember, a clean dog is a healthy dog.

Common Health Issues With Beagle Coonhound Mix Dog

Thankfully, the hound family of dogs are not prone to many diseases. Since beagle coonhound is a fusion of the two hounds, they suffer from even fewer diseases and infections. 

Known health issues in this dog breed can include diseases such as;

  • Ear maladies: You see, the ears of this dog are large, heavy, and drooping. It’s not uncommon to see dirt trapped around ear junctions or folds. Besides, these folds also trap moisture. These can result in bacteria or yeast growth, causing pain and irritation. 
  • Parasites: Like other dogs, Beagle Coonhound breeds are prone to internal parasites such as roundworms and tapeworms. Early treatment is recommended to avoid severe effects. 
  • Obesity: If there’s a condition you’ll most likely encounter in this dog, it’s obesity. Obesity is a lifestyle disease that affects your dog when you overfeed him, especially on a protein diet.
  • Allergies: Your Beagle Coonhound can suffer from allergens such as mold spores, pollens, dust mites, and flea saliva, including certain medications. This breed is a curious and headstrong hunter, so it’s not uncommon to see him experiencing when you take hime out for exercise or outdoor activity. 
  • Hypothyroidism: This is another common health disorder in this dog breed. Especially if your dog becomes obese or overweight. 
  • Intervertebral Disk Disease: A common disease in Beagles, the intervertebral disk disease is a bone disorder that causes a compressed spinal cord. Dogs with this condition normally experience back pains and even paralysis. 
  • Idiopathic Epilepsy: This disease is hereditarily transferred from the coonhound side of the dog’s parents. It’s a sign of brain dysfunction. 
  • Joint Dysplasia: Whether it catches the hip or another joint, dysplasia causes joint deformities. For example, hip dysplasia affects the proper growth of hip joints. The dog with this condition will experience pain and even arthritis and lameness. 


  1. What do you call a Beagle coonhound mix? 

A Beagle coonhound mix is referred to as Walker Beagle. It is the cross between a Beagle and a coonhound. Some of the parents bred for the mix are not purebred. 

  1. How big is a coonhound Beagle mix? 

On average, the coonhound Beagle mix will produce dogs weighing 25 to 60 pounds. Their height also varies from 14-25 inches standing at the shoulder. The size of a coonhound Beagle mix depends on the parents. 

  1. How smart is a Coonhound Beagle mix? 

Generally, this is an intelligent dog mix that values companionship and playing and is full of determination. The dog can be stubborn when it notices you can compromise during training. 

Final Thoughts

The Beagle Coonhound mix is a decent breed produced from the Beagle and coonhound. It displays a friendly personality when interacting with family members, children, and visitors. 

Due to its active lifestyle, this dog is only for people ready to exercise daily. The dog is highly adaptable as it switches effortlessly from an indoor to an outdoor environment. 

The Beagle coonhound mix can suffer from common dog diseases. But if you take good care of it, you’ll enjoy seeing a lovely, healthy-looking, and fun-loving pet.

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