Everything You Need To Know About Colby Pit Bull

What do you know about Colby pit bull? If you know nothing, this article has everything you need to know about Colby pit bull dog.

Colby pit bull is an accomplished rare bloodline with a rich history of distinct features. Generally, you have a strong, muscular, and even-tempered dog that can be a great family pet. 

Despite the controversies that existed around this breed over 100 years ago, it remains the reference for the best qualities of dogs such as the American Staffordshire Terrier and others. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Colby pit bull.

What Is A Colby pit bull? 

Very few pit bull lines can outride the popularity of the Colby pit bull. It’s a well-established athletic dog with a statement personality. 

You can describe it as an intelligent and agile dog. Yet, Colby pit bull does not shy to show the fighting instincts of its ancestors if not well trained.

History states that pit bulls were purposely-built to fight and win. So, relishing a challenge is something a pit bull would welcome any day. That’s why this dog was praised for its gameness.

That one shouldn’t worry you, though. The pit bull of today is a kind, playful, and outgoing lad with a fluid likable temperament.

The physical stature of this dog features a blocky body with a deep chest and distinct muscle quarters. The face is broad, and the muzzle is short to medium.

As usual, you will see a short tail and small cropped ears. The bloodline has males standing at 18-19 inches (45.72-48.26 cm) at the shoulder. Females are 17-18 inches (43.18-45.72 cm) tall. Yet, in terms of weight, you have a 30-85 pounds dog on average. 

The overall appearance of the pit bull is simply good for the eye–especially if it’s your first impression.

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History of the Colby pit bull Bloodline

Colby Pit Bull dog
Colby Pit Bull dog

In the history of the Colby pit bull bloodline, John Colby is an important name

John was the one behind the design of Colby pit bulls.

While at a very young age, John began his breeding work from Newport in Massachusetts. That was in 1889 when he bred his pit bull with some imported from Ireland and England. He carefully selected these dogs from areas where blood sports were still hyped. 

John Colby ensured he did his best to improve the dog’s agility, gameness, and physical structure. Remember, the dog was to be fight-ready and never back down in any challenge. 

Through several years of further selective breeding, John produced a supposedly invincible fighting pit bull called Colby’s Pincher in 1896. The Pincher was tenacious and also an excellent stud dog.

When John’s friends and fellow APBT breeders, Con Feeley and Guy McCord, started the American Dog Breed Association (ADBA) in 1909, John Colby joined them in the movement. All his dogs would be registered under the ADBA. From this time going forward, his dogs spread through America.

In fact, word came out that he had sold more pit bull dogs than any other person in the entire America. 

Later, in the 1930s, the American Kennel Club started recognizing the American pit bull Terriers, although they never registered the breed under the same name.

The reason for this move was to avoid the dogfighting reputation pit bulls that had gathered in England and Ireland. They provided a new name, the Staffordshire Terriers, which was later repealed to American Staffordshire Terriers.

It’s believed that Colby’s Primo became the definitive resource when breeding American pit bull Terriers, including the American Staffordshire Terriers. 

Given the distinct nature of the pit bull bloodlines, expert breeders agree that the Colby aspects are apparent–high energy, playful, and physically strong dogs. 

After Colby died, his family continued his breeding work until recently, when they stopped. However, they still produce litter once in a while.  

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Characteristics of the Colby pit bull Bloodline 

Colby Pit Bull dog
Colby Pit Bull dog

What makes the Colby pit bull distinct from the rest of the pit bull bloodlines? Let’s find out right next.

Physical Appearance 

With a height of 17-18 inches at the shoulder for females and 18-19 inches for males, Colby pit bull is considered a medium-sized dog. A mature dog would weigh between 40-50 pounds (18.14-22.68 kg). 

The Colby pit bull is bulky, with visible muscles on the neck and shoulder regions. Its head is broad and plump with a short to medium muzzle. 

As for the coat, your canine friend will sport a short, lustrous coat that may need maintenance from time to time. It’s a breed prone to shedding, so you want to maintain good skin condition with regular brushing. 

The tail of the Colby pit bull is as shot and tapered as you would expect. Usually, the dog will keep its tail low. 


John Colby intended to increase, if not maintain, a high level of agility and gameness in this dog. He didn’t miss an inch, as today, the dog displays tremendous energy. 

He is the kind of dog not to wish to get into a fight. If he does, he will fight to the last blood drop – he must win. That’s how breeders engineered the dog. 

The good news about this state is that modern pit bulls are well-trained to control such extremities. Instead of aggression, you have a dog with a big heart and intelligence.

It’s pretty playful, and you’ll need challenging, high-energy games to sustain this dog’s urge to play.

Moreover, the Colby pit bull is a highly social pet. It’s loyal to family and is open to new people who are not part of the family. 

This dog barks moderately. Being alert always, the dog can become an excellent watchdog for your home–although his highly social behavior disqualifies him as a reliable guard dog.

Overall, the Colby pit bulls are amazing working dogs. They always strive to please their owner. 

How Long Does Colby Pit Bulls Live? 

Some people believe that pit bulls can live well over 20 years. Of course, there’s a documented history of a pit bull mix in Louisiana that lived for 29 years. But that was a hybrid and not a pure pit bull breed.

On average, the Colby Pit bulls can live between 12-14 years.  Most Pit bulls have a life expectancy of between 8-16 years. The wide range occurs because life expectancy varies from one pit bull to another. 

Here is a table summarizing the average lifespan of different pit bulls:

Pit Bull TypeLifespan 
American Pit Bull Terrier8-15 years
American Staffordshire Terrier 12-16 years
Staffordshire Bull Terrier12-14 years
American Bully8-15 years
Average lifespan of the different Pit Bulls

That being said, the life span of your Colby pit bull increases with good nutrition, proper health care, and exercise among other essential factors. 

Colby pit bull Health: Does Colby pit bull Have Serious Health Issues? 

While the Colby pit bull is generally a healthy breed, it still encounters specific health problems. Some of them include the following. 

  • Allergies: Whether it’s inhalants, chemicals, or mites, Colby pit bulls are sensitive animals to all types of allergies. If your dog shows allergy stunts, ensure you provide the proper medication and avoid the allergens next time. 
  • Hypothyroidism: It’s not uncommon to have your Colby pit bull suffering from hypothyroidism. This disease affects a dog’s thyroid glands, so it doesn’t function properly. When your dog has this condition, other changes happen to its body, such as weight gain, skin and coat changes, and lethargy. 
  • Hip Dysplasia: Almost all dogs are victims of hip dysplasia, a condition that occurs due to a misplaced hip joint. It usually occurs during the growth of the puppy. The ball and socket joint don’t grow uniformly, causing the deformity. 

Ensure your Colby pit bull is in great health condition for a long lifespan. 

How To Care For Your Colby pit bull

Ensure that you provide enough exercise activities for your dog. Colby pit bull is very energetic and highly active. Two hours of exercise per day of intensive running and walking would help. Also, don’t forget to provide mental stimulation activities.

A Colby pit bull requires training and socialization. You want to deal with its inherent aggressive traits when it’s still a puppy. Otherwise, this might be difficult to do when it gets older. 

Ultimately, ensure you provide a well-balanced diet to prevent lifestyle diseases. However much your pooch would stare at you, maintain the recommended food proportions. Don’t fall to its tricks of affection so that you supply more food.  

Experts advise you to provide protein-rich foods when it’s still a young puppy. Such a diet is vital for fast growth and proper establishment. 

Regular health checks for your Colby pit bull ensure you are ahead of time for any health-related issues. Visit your vet for screening and checkups. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have everything you need to know about Colby pit bull, you know if it makes an excellent pet dog for your home. Go ahead and acquire one if it meets the cut.

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