How Much Does an Oriental Shorthair Cat Cost? 4 Factors

If you have always desired to parent an exotic-looking yet low-maintenance feline, the Oriental Shorthair cat must be on top of the list. Whether you intend to buy a kitty or adopt one, the questions that are likely bugging your mind are: How much does an Oriental Shorthair cat cost? Are there factors that influence the cost of this feline breed?

A pet-quality Oriental Shorthair cat from a good breeder costs between $600 and $3,000. Expect to pay between $75 and $400 if you are lucky enough to find a pet of the breed in local shelters. Some factors influencing a kitty’s cost include age, lineage, and a breeder’s reputation.

Read on as we dive into the details of how much it costs to buy or adopt an Oriental Shorthair cat. We will also discuss four key factors influencing pricing to help you set your budget accordingly.

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How Much Does an Oriental Shorthair Cat Cost? The Initial Cost

The initial or one-time cost of bringing home a new Oriental Shorthair cat will significantly depend on whether you intend to adopt one or purchase from a reputable breeder. While there is always a chance of getting a pet from a friend, spending money is the most practical way to get your hands on this breed.

Here is what to expect.

Cost of Adopting an Oriental Shorthair Cat

How much does an oriental shorthair cat cost

The cost of adoption varies from one animal rescue or local shelter to another. Fortunately, most establishments only charge a small fee for older cats and a slightly increased price for kittens. 

Generally, adopting a cat costs between $75 and $400. The price you pay will highly depend on the age of a cat, its chances of adoption, and whether the organization incurred the costs of spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and other vet fees.

Oriental Shorthair cats are rare. This means you’ll be lucky to find this breed in a local shelter. If you are bent on adopting, chances are you’ll have better luck searching for your future furry companion from a breed-specific animal rescue center.

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Cost of Buying an Oriental Shorthair Cat from a Breeder

The most practical way to bring an Oriental Shorthair cat to your household is to purchase one from a breeder. Again, the charges of breeders vary based on their reputation, location, and the demand for the kitties on sale, among other factors.

When buying an Oriental Shorthair cat from a breeder, expect to spend between $600 and $3,000. If you are on a budget, you can get a good bargain when buying a retired breeding feline or an old show cat. Kittens are the most expensive, and you’ll have to spend top dollar for any show-quality Oriental Shorthair kitties.

Because of the rarity of Oriental Shorthair cats, reputable breeders hardly ever have ready kittens for sale. These experts uphold high standards of professionalism and maintain ethical practices throughout the breeding process. 

Although you are likely to pay more than you would when purchasing from a backyard breeder, you are more assured of going home with a healthy and good-quality kitty.

4 Factors That Affect the Price of Oriental Shorthair Cats

Oriental shorthair cat

Oriental Shorthair cats can cost a fortune to purchase because they are popular. Moreover, they are rare and always in high demand because they make top-quality furry companions. Still, cats of the breed, even when sourced from the same breeder, can vary in price because of the following factors.

1. Age

The number one factor that influences the price of an Oriental Shorthair cat is its age. Generally, kittens cost more than adult cats. The reasoning behind this is that you will have the privilege of raising your furry friend and hopefully enjoy more years of companionship.

Moreover, the price of kittens also varies depending on the costs incurred by the breeder when raising them. For instance, you’ll have to spend more for a kitty who is already vaccinated and microchipped. It is also common for breeders to set a small upcharge for male cats because they can significantly contribute to the continuation of the breed.

2. Appearance

Another critical factor that can drive up cost is the appearance of a kitty. Although all Oriental Shorthair cats are a sight to behold, some tend to have an added cute factor because of their coat colors and patterns.

Oriental Shorthair cats are a fantastic breed with over 300 coat variations. Among the rarest are the shaded silver Orientals. If you are lucky to get a kitty with this type of coat, expect a bump in the asking price of a breeder.

3. Pedigree and Bloodline

When setting the price of kittens, breeders will often consider their pedigree and bloodline. A cat’s pedigree entails its lineage from its ancestry and tracing its origin several generations back. 

On the contrary, a cat’s bloodline refers to the specific family ties within a breed.

Generally, Oriental Shorthair cats from purebred family lines cost more, and you’ll likely spend between $1,500 and $3,000. On the other hand, expect to pay up to $3,500 for a kitten from a champion bloodline.

A breeder can pump the price up anytime a pet parent is assured of the following.

  • The kitten’s physical traits after maturity
  • A pet’s temperament and expected health
  • Superior genes that make the cat show-ready

4. Breeder’s Reputation

When considering an Oriental Shorthair cat, it is imperative to take note of a breeder’s reputation. Reputable breeders put a lot of work into ensuring they have a positive reputation within the feline breeding community. Their focus on breeding top-tier kittens and the resources and efforts they put into their breeding activities often attract a markup fee.

On the bright side, the slightly increased cost assures you of receiving a top-quality Oriental Shorthair kitten. 

While well-reputed breeders don’t offer “cheap” kittens because they pay close attention to the wellbeing of their litters. You can expect them to do thorough health and genetic tests before breeding to reduce the risk of kittens inheriting health problems from their breeding lines. These experts also maintain positive communication with their clients and remain available to provide guidance or answer questions.

Final Thoughts

Next time a friend asks, “How much does an Oriental Shorthair cat cost, we hope you can confidently provide a detailed answer. Generally, purchasing a pet-quality feline of the breed will cost between $600 and $3,000.

Once you can afford to bring home your furry friend, we recommend setting up a budget for the initial setup cost. 

Expect to spend between $580 and $1,375 to cover the basics like food, entertainment, initial vet fees, and bathroom supplies. Also, consider the ongoing cost of pet ownership, which typically ranges between $120 and $545 per month.

Good luck!

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