Why Is My Cat So Affectionate in the Morning? Find Out

Have you seen your little cat jump around and go crazy with you in the morning hours? Does it get cuddly, walking on your chest, or pressing in your face? With all such happenings, it’s natural to wonder, “Why is my cat so affectionate in the morning?” 

Your cat is so affectionate in the morning because it missed you while you slept through the night. Morning cuddles and affections are also a sign of its friendliness. However, some cats are affectionate to signal a need for food. 

known for their reserved nature. It might seem a little odd to see your cat being extra affectionate to you in the morning.

In the rest of this article, I’ll dive into the details of why cats are so affectionate in the morning. Besides understanding the causes of this strange behavior in our feline friends, you’ll also know how to prevent the over-affectionate nature among cats in the morning. Keep reading!

Why Is My Cat So Affectionate in the Morning? 4 Main Reasons

Waking up abruptly to your affectionate cat’s cuddles and presses in your face may not be pleasant every morning , but your feline friend is trying to check on you. Here are five reasons to understand when she gets so cuddly, then.

1. Your Cat Wants to Connect With You

why is my cat so affectionate in the morning?
Cat relaxing

Since you parted at night, it meant a world of separation for the cat. Less independent cats may have problems with that. 

So, they wake up, and the first thing is to ensure you know they’re around by being extra clingy. Hence the cuddles and affection. 

Your cat wants a solid bond with you, which it always builds. Mornings happen to be a great place to start the interaction.

Cats are intelligent. They will use unique, complex cues and signs to measure how far your relationship has grown. Their emotional bond grows more profound as they continue living under your roof.  

You may stay uninterested in your cat’s morning affection if you don’t read these cues positively. But, also, this could mean you don’t understand its welfare. The result is a poor-quality relationship. 

Think of when you ignored your cat’s calls, yelled at it, or bashed it off. These instances, especially yelling or hitting, can be scary to the cat. Eventually, the cat starts to avoid you, which begins a cold-shoulder reaction

That means even if you don’t like the morning cuddles, don’t overreact to your cat. There are better ways of communicating with it–like saying the ssss-cat sound

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2. Your Cat May Be Hungry

The other possible reason your cat is affectionate in the morning is that it’s hungry. Perhaps its feeding routine features a morning snack.

If this is the established feeding program, you may need to provide what it wants. Remember, it’s been several hours of the night since the cat last ate.its extra affection might just be a call for help because it is hungry and depends on you for food.

A fixed feeding routine is an excellent way of raising a healthy feline. Your cat becomes disciplined with food. 

However, don’t pamper your cat with treats just because it’s becoming a nuisance to your last-minute morning naps. While the cat is satisfied with the treats, the results could be far-reaching. For instance, it could result in overfeeding. 

But as the chief medical officer, Dr. Richard E. Goldstein of New York’s Animal Medical Center, tells The New York Times, “A cat learns to manipulate us very well: when she’s hungry, she’s the most affectionate cat in the world. People will do anything to keep their cats happy.”

According to Dr. Richard, your cat will show affection when hungry. Assuming that’s how you’ve trained it, there’s no harm in giving food.

Nevertheless, don’t be fooled into free-feeding the cat. An overfed cat could suffer from overweight or obesity problems. So, be careful not to spoil your cat when it begs for food in the form of a morning cuddle. 

Instead, provide the love back by petting it. Once it learns your response, you’ll make it even more affectionate without the treats trick.

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3. Your Cat Wants Attention

After a long night without seeing you active, your cat seeks your attention. Cats are cats, and they are active in cycles at night, thanks to their natural hunting instincts

During night hours, they may not see you around them. It’s not strange to them, and although temporarily, they miss you. 

There’s a temporary separation that kind of makes your cat anxious a bit. For a cat that’s not independent, this can be distressful. That’s why it gets animated seeing you again in the morning.

Cats are attention-seeking pets, and mornings are probably good for that. They usually feel nice to reunite with their owner. 

Daniel Mills is a Professor of Veterinary Behavioral Medicine at the University of Lincoln. He affirms, “In strange situations, attached individuals seek to stay close to their carer, show signs of distress when they are separated, and demonstrate pleasure when their attachment figure returns.”

Try to embrace your cat’s attention-seeking behavior in the morning. This is a telltale sign of your growing relationship. It doesn’t happen with any other cat–you could be lucky to receive those morning cuddles. 

4. It’s More Energetic at This Time

As a caring owner of a cat pet, having your cat so affectionate in the morning is an indication of an energized feline. There are reasons why your cat is full of energy around this time:

  • You did not exhaustively engage the cat the day before with games and playtime. 
  • Your cat is crepuscular–a technical term to mean they’re very active individuals in the wee hours and dusk. Of course, their prey is active during this time. 
  • It wants to release pent-up energy. Having plenty of this energy, your cat tries to release it by cuddling in the morning.

Considering the last bullet, cats often develop pent-up energy called cat zoomies. Cat zoomies make your cat active at this time of the day. These zoomies result from unspent energy. 

If you don’t want the morning cuddles from your cat, you need to start working on the extra pounds of energy it packs. You’ll need to provide play toys to ensure the cat plays exhaustively and sleeps when required. 

If uncontrolled, cat zoomies could cause extreme behavior. That’s the time your cat will zip around the house at top speed. You don’t want this to get into your nights. 

How to Stop Your Cat’s Attention-Seeking Behavior In The Morning

Cat relaxing
Affectionate cat

We’ve already seen some of the reasons a cat can get so affectionate. This behavior is basically attention-seeking and does not pump up every cat owner. 

If this pattern worries you, you can always find a way to stop it and continue to enjoy your morning naps. Let’s look into them right next. 

1. Maintain a Regular Routine

A regular regime is vital for your cat’s discipline regarding food, playtime, and even cuddling. Cats are smart pets that learn quite fast when trained. 

This means that fixed routine conditions allow it to adapt to new exposures. Hence, your little fur friend knows the exact correct time for everything. Studies suggest that cats can perform better after getting trained. 

It may not happen in a flip of a second, but over time, you’ll see progress. 

2. Provide a Heated Bed During Cold Weather

If you want to sleep longer, ensure your cat is comfortable. In cold weather, your feline friend may come around to cuddle so that it gets warm. 

A heated bed could help your cat get a sweet, extended sleep. Or you could wrap them up for extra warmth for a cozy morning. 

Do the same thing for hot weather. Provide a cool sleeping environment for the cat so it doesn’t suffer from increased heat. 

3. Ignore Its Calls

Another great way to stop this morning craze is to ignore any attempts by your cat to wake you up. Despite the cuddles and push behavior, stay focused to sleep. 

Don’t be fooled; things can get worse than before. But ensure you don’t pay an ounce of attention to it. 

Thankfully, the cat will notice you’re not bothered and eventually halts this behavior. However, this also will take time. 

4. Seek Your Vet’s Help

Sometimes your efforts may have little tangible fruit. In this case, you’re advised to visit your vet for help. 

Veterinarians may even test your cat for any suspected health conditions, especially when the cat is displaying outrageous behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cat so happy when i wake up

Your cat lays on you happily when you wake up as a sign of companionship to show that you’re its favourite person. This is a cat’s way of showing love and gratitude for your care and provision. When you notice this sign, it means your cat trusts you fully.

Why Are Cats More Active in the Morning?

Cats are more active in the morning due to their crepuscular nature. This means that they are more active in the morning and evening to hunt successfully. During these periods, their predators are mostly less active, increasing the chances of a successful hunt.

why do cats get extra affectionate in the morning?

Cats are more loving in the morning to attract their owners’ attention. This is after a long period of separation throughout the night as the owners were asleep. Cats being so affectionate in the morning may also demonstrate a need for food.

How Do You Tell If Your Cat Loves You?

You can tell if your cat loves you by interrogating its behavior. The main signs that your cat loves you include headbutting, slow blinking, purring, kneading, and greeting you at the entrance.

Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up Purring?

Your cat waking you up purring could be a sign of affection and attention, hunger, warmth from your body, and as a form of communication. In most cases, the behavior indicates that your feline friend is comfortable around your body’s warmth.

Why is my cat clingy in the morning?

In the morning, cats are more affectionate to get their owners’ attention. This comes after a protracted nighttime separation as the owners slept. The loving behaviour of cats in the morning might also indicate a hunger pang. 

why are cats so cuddly in the morning?

If your cat seems cuddly in the morning it might just be because your little friend missed you!

The separation due to the night time may have caused your pet to yearn for your affection making them snuggle to you in the morning.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered, why is my cat so affectionate in the morning, you probably have some causes to consider. 

In a nutshell, the cat could be hungry or just displaying unused energy. In other instances, your lovely kitty could be seriously seeking your attention for play and cuddling. And it’s also making sure your friendship is still intact after hours of separation.

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