5 Beautiful Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Cremated Ashes

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When our pets have passed on, it is already a tough time full of grief and hurt. For those who have chosen to cremate their beloved friend, you are now faced with some tough decisions. Some people choose a prominent place, a place with fond memories or even a pet cemetery to lay their animal to rest. However, if you have chosen to cremate your lost pet, you may be trying to decide what to do with the ashes. Below we have outlined a few ways to keep your pet’s ashes with you. 

1. A Beautiful Pet Urn

The most common method of keeping the ashes close to you is always to find a beautiful urn t. This allows for you to keep the ashes on a shelf, so they always feel near to you and within view when the moments of processing grief begin to hit you. If you find it too emotional to have your pet at rest on a shelf or bookcase, you can also choose to find a spot that meant something to both of you and bury them there. This will allow for them not always be in the house in view while still allowing you to visit them when the moment is right. 

To help, we have curated a list of pet urns which can easily be purchased. The key to finding the right urn for your deceased furry family member is going to be deciding the usage. If you are going to display their ashes prominently, you would likely want to invest in something customized, elegant and shows the love you had for them. However, if you are wanting to bury their ashes in a memorable location, you may choose something more basic

2. Plant a Tree

As someone who loves nature and being outside, this idea is a must do. I would include this even while doing some of the other options we mentioned. This could be done we very little effort. Simply take some of the ashes of your late pet and mix it in with some gardening soil, set aside. Purchase a yearling tree at your local plant nursery. Then find a nice place to dig a hole so you can place the root bed of the yearling down in it. Once placed, fill in the hole with the mixture from earlier and watch your pet be with you over the years as your tree or plant grows. 

3. Keepsake Jewelry

To so many people their pets will always be in their hearts but after they are gone, we want to keep them near our hearts. A beautiful necklace pendant like the one in the link is not only going to last because it is made of silver, but it will be a way to keep pet’s ashes to keep around your neck and close to you at all times. 

4. Ash Keepsake Stones

In our research, the Ash Keepsake Stones are probably one of the neatest ways we found to keep you pet’s ashes near you. This company we found will basically mix your pet’s ashes into their mixture and produce anywhere from 5-20 keepsake stones. I think these would be so pretty in your garden beds or around your mailbox. 

5. A Work of Art

Lastly, for those of you with an artistic flare, you could mix a small amount of ashes into your paint the next time you setup the canvas. This idea is popular with more creative people because it is a way to produce something with passion while not being so obvious about all the meaning behind the artwork. For those of you like me who can’t draw anything other than stickmen and stickwomen, no worries. There is no shortage of creative people in the world who would be willing to do this for you. 


In conclusion, no matter how you celebrate the life of your pet, just make sure you do it. They loved you, you loved them and they will always be a part of you and your journey. 

If you are reading this and you have done something different than what is listed above, please comment below so that you can share your idea with our community.  

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