In Memory of Oliver – The Bold and Daring

My cat, Oliver, was probably one of the coolest cats I have ever met. Losing him was one of the hardest things I have had to go through. I don’t really want to talk about losing him rather I want to share how he came into our lives.

My family never intended to get another cat. We had just lost on of our other family pets and honestly we were still grieving that loss. We were going to take some time before we even thought about getting another pet but Oliver had different plans.

Oliver actually started out as our neighbors cat. They had bought him as a mouser but honestly Oliver was horrible at his new job. We saw Oliver pretty quick and felt bad for him because he was so skinny. Well one day he was roaming near our house and I decided to give him some our previous cat’s food. That was the moment I believe Oliver decided that he was going to be our cat.

From that moment forward Oliver was over at our house all the time. He would roam about the outdoors and everytime we left the house we were greeted with this majestic beast of an animal. He was also super load. I say that because when you would walk out the door you would be greeted with the loudest meow ever. That was his sign that we were supposed to feed him.

This pattern continued on for about one week before everything changed. Oliver found our old doggy door. Honestly we hadn’t thought about it in forever because it was no longer be used, well that is until Oliver found it.

We were all sitting in the living room spending watching a TV show when all of a sudden Oliver decided to bust in through the doggy door. We all jumped because we had zero idea what was coming in. From that moment on we tried to keep him outside by blocking the door, spraying him with water, or even just putting him back outside.

Every time we put him out, he would find his way back in. Eventually we just decided to accept it. The neighbors weren’t happy with us but we were happy and most importantly Oliver was happy. One of his favorite activities was making biscuits on us right before bed. He made sure that we all new that he was ours and we were his.

That is actually how he got his name. We named his after the character, Oliver Twist. He broke into our house and became part of the family.

– Written by Landon in Memory of Oliver

A Note from the Farewell Pet Care Team


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story about Oliver. Our team really enjoyed reading your story and especially loved how yall didn’t really get to choose Oliver, but instead Oliver chose your family. It is amazing how sometimes a beloved pet can come into our lives even when we don’t necessarily think we want a new pet.

Once again thank you for sharing your story!

If you need any additional support feel free to check out our article about saying goodbye to your beloved cat

-Farewell Pet Care Team

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