Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel Mix: Everything You Need to Know

As a pet enthusiast, a beautiful dog means worlds. And the Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel mix is the true fulfillment of this expression. Have you ever heard of this crossbreed? 

If not, the Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel mix (Spangold Retriever), is bred by crossing the Golden Retriever and the Springer Spaniel. Spare for its beauty, the Spangold Retriever offers warmth, loyalty, and profound affection. 

The Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel is a dog breed with a knack for lounging. So, it’s probably a good take for indoor-loving pet owners. Read on to learn more about this magnificent dog breed. 

What Is the Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel Mix? 

Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel Mix
Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel Mix

The Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel mix is a hybrid offspring of the Golden Retriever and the Springer Spaniel. It’s also called the Spangold Retriever. 

With up to 75 pounds (34.02kg), the dog borrows a large body from its dominant Golden Retriever parent. The hybrid boasts a conspicuous dense coat, depending on the dominant parent. But it may be black, tan, or red–all with white markings. 

Being a calm, lounging breed, this is a top pick for a devoted indoor dog. But what’s so special about its parents? Here’s a little history of the Spangold Retriever’s parents. 

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History of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever’s history dates back to 1840 and 1890 in Scotland. The first Lord Tweedmouth bred this dog for his estate in the Scottish highlands. 

He wanted a gundog breed that would adapt seamlessly to the wet climate of the highlands. To effect this, Lord Tweedmouth crossed the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel and a Yellow Retriever he had on the estate. 

The process of developing the Golden Retriever went on for 50 years. He also mixed the Irish Setter and Bloodhound in the line in this duration. 

The end product did not disappoint. A line of excellent retrievers adapted to the rugged terrain was developed. Calm and loyal, the Golden Retriever came forth. 

During a British Show in 1908, the newly-developed Golden Retriever was first displayed. The show admirers loved the breed for its eye-catching beauty and lovable temperament. 

That’s how the Golden Retriever spread its popularity through Canada and into America. In the 1970s, America was all but nuts with the new kid and embraced it whole-heartedly, beginning with then-President, Gerald Ford. 

History of the Springer Spaniel

The astounding Springer Spaniel is an intelligent dog with a long history of flushing birds and game from their cover into the open fields. Sporting in form, the dog’s excellent pheasant hunting, among other high-value traits, was deliberately developed over many generations. 

The breeding of spaniels featured three types:

  • The English Springer Spaniel
  • English Cocker Spaniel
  • The Field Spaniel

Back in the day, in the 17th century, these dogs accompanied hunters to the fields for quarry. 

Later, they became serious gundogs after hunting rifles dominated the outdoor hunting niche. Hunters would use them to retrieve downed bird games from the grass and bushes. 

Fast-forward to the 1870s, the English Springer Spaniels were displayed in many British dog shows alongside Welsh Springer Spaniels. Then in 1902, the England Kennel Club recognized both dogs as separate breeds. 

Having displayed impeccable traits for hunting and family, the England Springer Spaniel found its way through North America in the 1920s. To this date, the Springer Spaniel is a popular dog in America, Canada, and across Europe. 

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Characteristics of the Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel Mix

Spangold Retreiver dog
Spangold Retriever

1. Appearance

The height of the Golden Retriever features in the range of 21.5-24 inches (54.61-60.96). Its weight ranges from 55-75 pounds (24.95-34.02kg)

Even so, the counterpart parent is shorter with less weight. Yet, the Spangold Retriever is a physically medium-large and fit dog. 

It has an average height of 19-25 inches (48.26-63.5cm) for males and 14-16 inches (35.56-40.64cm) for females. The weight ranges from 60-65 pounds (27.22-29.48kg) for both males and females.

The coloration of its coat is simply a mad art. It combines a black base color, red, or tan with white markings. Moreover, the coat holds short-medium hair and is dense. 

Other features include a long feathered tail and legs. Sometimes, the Spangold Retriever will have floppy ears that it mostly inherits from the Golden Retriever. The eyes could be hazel or brown-colored with a black nose. 

2. Temperament

Have you ever thought of a calm, easy-going, lovey-dovey family dog? That’s what you get in the Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel mix. 

This breed is your sweet-loving loyalist with a big heart for family. Carrying its playfulness from puppyhood through adulthood, the Spangold Retriever is a good dog with children. 

He is a couch potato and will spend lounging at home with family. He’s not an active dog like many others. But don’t forget that exercise is what makes him happy and healthy. 

This dog is not a barking nuisance. The dog only barks when something is not right around–raising to the occasion as a reliable watchdog. 

What’s more, he’s very friendly with strangers who visit and with other pets in the house. 

3. Shedding Level

As discussed earlier, this dog sports a medium-short dense coat. Both parents of this breed have dense coats and shed a lot. 

You may see hair everywhere with this dog. As a result, you must groom and clean it regularly to ensure it’s perfectly maintained.

To prevent allergies associated with these hairs, you must vacuum your space consistently and remember to keep your rugs and carpets hair free. 

4. Trainability

Generally, this dog breed is easily trainable. With a cool temperament and intelligence, following instructions is straightforward. 

First-time dog owners will enjoy having them due to this trait. The dog has a pleasant social flair that makes it attentive and alert.

Being highly adaptive, it’s not difficult to introduce this dog to unfamiliar things and environments. It’s also a fast learner if you’re consistent with training. 

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How to Maintain the Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel Mix

Top of everything, giving your dog high-quality care is what matters. Here are a few vital things to note:

1. Ensure Good Nutrition For Your Dog

Supply your dog with enough food with the correct nutrient proportions. Your dog should have a careful-selected balanced diet with proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. 

Don’t overfeed your dog with treats or table scraps. Treats may be nice for training but should be provided sparingly. The same applies to table scraps. 

Good nutrition is the precursor to a healthy and happy dog. If overfed, your Spangold Retriever won’t delay becoming overweight. 

2. Provide Regular Grooming

The shedding level of the Spangold Retriever is quite high. This means you’ll need to brush him regularly for a clean coat at least three times a week. 

In spring and fall, nearly all dogs undergo shedding. You definitely will have to increase the frequency of brushing your dog to, like, once every day. 

Other areas you also want to consider cleaning weekly include behind the floppy ears to avoid the buildup of dirt and infections. Good dental hygiene by brushing teeth daily ensures fresh, odorless breath. Teeth brushing also helps to prevent periodontal diseases. 

Don’t forget to trim the nails to look neater. 

3. Maintain Regular Exercise

You’re probably thinking, why exercise a dog that’s so docile and a couch potato? Spangold Retriever is definitely not the aggressive type of dog. However, you need to have it pumped up and exercise. 

With regular exercise, your dog not only becomes fit but also healthier. According to research, physical training is the perfect exit strategy for obesity and overweight problems. 

Leaving your lounging dog without exercise is a risk you don’t want to take. Remember, the Golden Retriever requires that extra motivation to exercise. You could provide mental stimulation through toys, dog puzzles, or play the catch game.

4. Ensure Good Health

A healthy dog is a happy dog. From providing nutritious foods to helping your Spangold Retriever exercise, the health needs of this dog are far and wide. 

You need to ensure your dog is free of any health risks. Therefore, regular checks are recommended. Visit your vet for screening, especially for diseases the dog is prone to. 

Some of the diseases and conditions your pooch is likely to suffer from are; 

  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Retinal Dysplasia 
  • Entropion
  • Dermatitis and skin disorders 

Commonly recommended health tests include;

  • Hip evaluation 
  • X-rays
  • Ear examination 
  • Eye examination 
  • Blood analysis
  • Elbow evaluation 

Make sure your dog is in top health. This is the yardstick for a long, happy life. The Spangold Retriever should be able to live for 10-15 years under good care. 

Final Thoughts 

That’s quite good information about the Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel mix. It’s an excellent home companion and a devout watchdog. 

The dog is beautiful, intelligent, and loving to family and other pets. It loves lounging on the couch. Hence, a suitable breed for new or slow pet owners. 

However, don’t forget to engage him in an active lifestyle. He may end up obese because he loves being lazy. 

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