Are Dachshunds Affectionate? 4 Simple Ways to Tell

Dachshunds are some of the most charming dog breeds in the canine kingdom. They have a natural propensity for humor and are playful, active, super intelligent, and loyal. If you want to adopt a puppy that can also provide pet therapy, it is natural to wonder, “Are Dachshunds affectionate?”

Dachshunds are affectionate dogs with unwavering loyalty to their primary caregiver. If your dog marks you as its favorite person, it will wag its tail and offer lots of hugs and wet kisses each time it sees you. Because these dogs have big hearts, they’re warm and cordial with all family members.

Read on to learn more about a Dachshund’s capacity to love. We’ll also dive into the details of why these dogs are so affectionate and how you can tell your furry companion has a soft spot for you.

Let’s get started!

Why Are Dachshunds Affectionate? 

Are dachshunds affectionate

Dachshunds are lovey-dovey dogs that appreciate cuddles and loads of attention. They never struggle to find charming ways to show affection because sociability is in their heritage. As dogs originally bred to hunt in large packs, they depend on each other to survive a hunt.

Generally, bonding with pack members is fundamental to a Dachshund’s lineage

Within a household setting, Dachshunds view their human families and other resident pets as their pack members. 

Although Dachshunds are cordial with people, they choose their favorite person, whom they perceive as the pack leader.

If your pet views you as its “alpha,” it will strive to forge a deeper bond with you and probably follow you everywhere like a shadow.

Moreover, Dachshunds are more affectionate than most dog breeds because they’re super sensitive. These dogs are quick to pick up on the emotions of their pack members. If you’re dull, your doggo will use its comical traits and unique character to cheer you up.

Don’t be surprised if it mimics happy human facial expressions and attempts a wacky smile to signal love or enliven your spirit!

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How Do You Tell If a Dachshund Loves You?

You can tell if your dachshund loves you by observing its behavior in your presence. The dog loves you if it acts excited, seeks physical contact, and maintains eye contact. These are the telltale signs your furry friend enjoys spending time in your presence due to its love.

In the next section, I’ll dive into the details of how to tell if your dachshund loves you. 

1. Your Pet Is Always Excited to See You

Your Dachshund loves you if it meets you at the front door each time you return home.

It is super connected to you and thrives on your companionship. 

Usually, a warm greeting may also be motivated by the promise of a treat, meal, or potty break. Still, these personal agendas do not deduct from the fact that your dog is happy to see you.

During the hellos, a dog that loves you may also:

  • Wag its whole body along with the tail 
  • Jump on you
  • Sniff you
  • Show a thunderstorm of playfulness
  • Do a happy bark

Moreover, Dachshunds are active dogs. Therefore, even if you’ve been away for a few minutes, the dog will invite you to play because it wants to interact with you. 

You can tell the dog wants to steal you from the pack and spend time with you if it makes a play bow (bottom-up & head/ chest low).

2. Your Dog Seeks Physical Contact

Dachshund dog sleeping

Dachshunds have powerful olfactory senses, and their noses are at least 100,000 times more sensitive than that of humans. They love nose work and use their noses to explore and interpret their environment. 

When your dog wants to show affection, it cannot resist getting close enough to you to get a good whiff of your scent. 

Any physical contact triggers the pleasure centers in its brain, acting as an adequate reward.

Besides giving you the famous lean, here are other ways your Dachshund can initiate physical contact to show affection:

  • Snuggling beside you during downtime
  • Wanting to sleep near you
  • Licking your face, or at least try to
  • Following you around in close proximity
  • Rolling on its back for quick belly rubs
  • Nudging your legs and toes with its nose

3. The Dog Loves Looking Directly in Your Eyes

For dogs, eye contact is an intimate act. 

Maintaining eye contact with you is your dog’s way of saying it loves and trusts you. The act also communicates the degree of attachment it has with you.

Like initiating a touch, eye contact floods a dog’s brain with oxytocin, a feel-good hormone. 

A Dachshund that has bonded with you will regularly make direct and prolonged eye contact. This also serves as a way for it to know what’s going on with you.

If you’re busy with another errand, a Dachshund that loves you can trade locking eyes with you with a soft gaze. This is another powerful non-verbal communication that often tags along with other forms of body language like wide eyes and raised eyebrows. 

If you catch your pet staring at you and it doesn’t flinch or look away, know it treasures your presence and companionship.

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4. Your Dachshund Craves Your Attention

Dachshunds can be clingy and needy if the situation allows. They’re prone to separation anxiety, especially once they have bonded with their person. 

Although it’s advisable to nip the clingy behavior and encourage your dog to be more independent, acting needy is your dog’s way of showing it loves being around you.

Does your dog go bonkers when you open your bedroom door in the morning? Does its ears perk at the mere mention of your name? Do you always turn to find your pet a few steps behind you?

These are signs that it genuinely loves you. If you’re lucky, it may also show other intimate gestures of fondness, like sharing its favorite toy with you.

Are all Dachshunds Affectionate?

Are dachshunds affectionate

Most but not all Dachshunds are affectionate. Each dog is an individual, and some are not lovey-dovey because of their personality, undiagnosed health concerns, or background that triggers trust issues and causes difficulty reciprocating affection. 

Read on to learn some key reasons why your furry friend may seem unaffectionate or have trouble trusting you.

  • The dog was physically disciplined, mishandled, or abused in its previous home
  • It’s wary of touch because of an undiagnosed injury or ailment
  • It’s naturally not cuddly and enjoys personal space
  • Your newly adopted dog or puppy is still studying its new home
  • You haven’t mastered your dog’s unique way of showing affection
  • You’re unintentionally using the wrong petting techniques

If you’re doing serious heavy lifting to make your dog like you, it’s easy to feel frustrated if you have nothing to show for your efforts. However,, it pays to be patient and always follow your dog’s signals, especially when initiating physical contact.

Even Dachshunds with petting aversion can gradually learn to trust and enjoy contact with their owners if you let them call the shots. 

For instance, never force a connection and instead use a gentle approach that makes your dog feel at ease in your presence. 

Check its body language during exercise, training, or bonding sessions for cues to ensure you’re on the right track. Ultimately, it will trust you and reciprocates the affection.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always wondered whether Dachshunds are affectionate, we hope this post provides an in-depth answer. 

In a wrap, Dachshunds have tiny bodies and big hearts. They make excellent companions because they take their duty of reciprocating love all too seriously. 

Once your dog bonds with you, it will devote itself to protecting you and making you happy. Its body language will make it easy to tell that it’s most content in your company.

All is not lost if you’ve not seen any concrete signs of affection from your Dachshunds. You can strengthen your pet-owner bond by:

  • Becoming your pet’s source of all basic needs and goodies 
  • Initiating positive interactions through fun play dates
  • Getting into a 20 to 30-minute bonding session daily
  • Spending time giving cuddles and pampering sessions

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